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Working with only the very best entertainment systems  on the market, our  audio visual services can be tailored to suit any environment.

Happy Teacher Controlling PA System

Public Address & Bell Alert Systems

Make your message loud and clear with our local area or whole facility speaker systems that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are using them for announcements, alerts, or to signal an evacuation or lockdown we can customise the system to fit your needs, including fixed tone or variable messages.

We can also install paging from fixed consoles, multi-consoles, phone interface and mobile devices. Not to mention our integrated clock system to allow you to schedule announcements any day or date you need. Or even using your PA system for inspiration background music.

Your local South West Audio Visual team can design, install and maintain audio systems for any of your educational needs. Including local hardware or network based as well as provide an interface to setup, maintain, and operate

So why not reach out today to find out how we can provide an audio-visual solution to suit your need

School Auditorium

Audio & Lighting Solutions

We can provide your school or college with state of the art sound and light solutions for every area on campus. With total integration for easy operation, your students will be enthralled by their visual and audible learning experiences.


Digital Signage

Create impressive digital signage with our clean, crisp and deep colour video images while still being able to control everything at the press of a button. Our performance audio is guaranteed to be glitch free, and can be delivered via WIFI or cable. We also provide you with video on demand, video switching and distribution all seamlessly integrated to be able to impress your clients with high quality video presentations and media for sales, advertising, conferences and education whenever and wherever you need it.

Public Address & Communication Systems for Warehouses

We deliver PA and Intercom systems providing superior speech and message intelligibility for low and high noise areas transported over your IP network dedicated cabling infrastructure or wireless options.   

Intercoms Solutions for Homes and Offices

Intercoms Solutions for Homes

From a touch of a button on your phone or integrated control panel, you will be able to monitor and ensure the safety of your home and belongings.

Our innovative solutions allow you to save and replay footage whenever you want, add numerous cameras to ensure all angles are covered and can be added in to an existing building or installed during construction.

Home Entertainment Systems

Home Entertainment Systems

Our fully integrated smart home and security systems will take your home to the next level. Using one app in your home or away to control all features in your home with an interface that stays the same in all places. You can also edit scenes yourself, add features yourself and be in control yourself.

Intercoms access solutions

Access Solutions

From the touch of a button on your phone or integrated touch panel you will be able to monitor your property and ensure the safety of your home and belongings.

We can supply and install affordable audio/visual monitoring and access into a home automation or used as a basic stand-alone unit

Automated Home Blind Lighting Climate

Automated Blinds, Shades, Lighting & Climate

Motorised blinds, sheers, lighting, and climate*, scenes can be customized to adjust multiple systems to create the perfect environment exactly as you like it.  *Air-Con, fans and underfloor heating

Using the app, your control panel or voice control, you will have precise control for your home while at the home or abroad. Crestron Systems can make adjustments for optimal comfort and protection for flooring and furniture using smart shades. These actions will save you money on energy bills by being able to control everything in your home.